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Welcome to BRANTU

Digital Creators Program

BRANTU allows digital creators anywhere in the world to turn their styles into actual products and sell them online.. If you are creating gorgeous outfits and styles on social media, join our community of 1000+ digital creators!


What is BRANTU?

BRANTU is revolutionising online shopping by creating gorgeous outfits inspired by our worldwide community of 1000+ digital creators!

With our new unique concept, we are ready to take over the fashion world by providing the best online shopping experience, dropping the trendiest, coolest and most diverse clothing assortment, from timeless essentials that everyone need in their closet to the most stylish high-end fashion yet affordable pieces, curated in real-time by our community of digital fashion trendsetters. With that, we support digital creators world wide to earn, creating new economy.


Cherry on the cake? We rely on a pre-ordering model for delivering affordability, quality, and sustainability.


How does it work?

1. Simply sign up to our DC Program and upload your content
2. We will turn your pictures we want to recreate into real products and sell them online
3. On your personalized dashboards you have an overview of the sales and the amount of money you make out if it
4. In addition, you can use your coupons that you find on your dashboard to promote your products to your audience
How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn money?

You will get a commission for every product created with your pictures and sold online on You will also get a commission on every sale of your products.

How does BRANTU selects the pictures that will be turned into products?

Our team of designers will review your social media content as well as the additional pictures that you will upload. If your pictures are 🔥, we will turn them into products! 


Can I upload any picture?

Guidelines are shared with DCs to let you know what type of pictures are required.

How to redeem my money?
You can redeem your money at any time from your Digital creator account on the website & the app.
We offer you the option to transfer from Egypt through the following Methods: Fawry or E-wallets.
For other countries: you can transfer through

How to promote my products?
The more you will advertise your products to your audience & followers, the more money you will make! We will provide you with real-time statistics and with discount coupons to engage your audience.

Our DCs

Meet our Digital Creators


Are you creating gorgeous outfits on social media?


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