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Hello, we are BRANTU!

Who are we

At BRANTU we are creating gorgeous outfits and styles inspired by our community of thousands of worldwide influencers & digital creators.


Our ambition is to let you shop the styles from your favorite creators wherever you are in the world!


For any creator who wants to launch their fashion products, the fashion production process goes through various complicated steps:

Design process is difficult and time-consuming, finding the right material and manufacturing hub at the right cost requires immense effort.


Plus creators now care to find economic & environmental sustainability.


At BRANTU, we unwind the complex process and streamline the fashion design & manufacturing process thanks to Tech & Machine Learning:


We empower regional manufacturers to access a new market through tech-supported real-time manufacturing.

We empower creators  to sell their fashion products directly to customers with zero cost and zero inventory.

Software Programmer
Why a pre-order model?


Our pre-order model offers affordability, quality, and sustainability.

Have you heard of “smart fashion”? Digital consumers over the world have shown massive concerns over standard fast-fashion companies. Very far away logistics create a high carbon footprint, massive fashion waste, and bad conditions of labor.

At BRANTU, we are giving creators the tools to produce their assortment on a pre-ordering model. Compared to other traditional fashion companies, we allow creators not to produce large quantities of clothes that may not sell and end up in landfills, but instead only produce what customers really want.

Traditional retail brands are not able to adjust production based on demand fast enough. So they usually produce x4 the amount of items that they are actually selling. So not only the cost of clothes gets inflated but also, this is very ecologically wasteful!

Because we are able to adjust production in real time by looking at direct feedback and data from customers, we can optimize the costs of production while reducing the impact of fashion on the environment. 

With our solution, creators can simply move toward the next trend without leaving behind them any waste or expensive inventory



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Our Digital Creators

Our team

Our amazing BRANTU team is composed of young passionate talents connected by their mission: to bring Creators styles to life, power designers and manufacturers with cutting-edge technology that will change their work, and let people shop and enjoy the coolest drops and fashion trends in real-time.

​In BRANTU we welcome people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives and we advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. We not only capitalize on people’s differences, we celebrate them!

We are working from Cairo, Stockholm, Paris, Bengalore, and Copenhagen, and it’s only the beginning!

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