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Hello, we are BRANTU!

Who are we

At BRANTU we are creating gorgeous outfits and styles inspired by our community of thousands of worldwide influencers & digital creators.


Our ambition is to let you shop the styles from your favorite digital creators wherever you are in the world, creating the most local global fashion shopping experience!

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Basically, we are offering the trendiest, coolest and most diverse fashion assortment, from timeless essentials that everyone needs in their closet to the most stylish high-end fashion yet affordable pieces, curated in real-time by our community of digital fashion trendsetters.

Cherry on the cake?


We rely on a pre-ordering model for delivering affordability, quality, and sustainability.

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Why a sustainable model?

Why a pre-order model?


Have you heard of “smart fashion”? Digital consumers over the world have shown massive concerns over standard fast-fashion companies. Very far away logistics create a high carbon footprint, massive fashion waste, and bad conditions of labor.


At BRANTU we are producing our assortment on a strictly pre-ordering model. It means that we only produce what we know our customers want


Compared to other traditional fashion companies we don’t produce large quantities of clothes that may not sell and end up in landfills.


Traditional retail brands are not able to adjust production based on demand fast enough. So they usually produce x4 the amount of items that they are actually selling. So not only the cost of clothes gets inflated but also, this is very ecologically wasteful!


At BRANTU, we are able to adjust production in real time by looking at direct feedback and data from our customers. This style is not trendy anymore? Lavender purple is not anymore the color of the coming spring? No problem, with our pre-order model we don’t hold stock that will get lost and destroyed. We can simply move toward the next trend without leaving any waste behind us.


And sustainable shouldn’t mean expensive or exclusive!


Thanks to our pre-ordering model, we can optimize the costs of our production and therefore offer you the best prices and year-long amazing deals & offers.


There is always more work to be done, and we will do everything we can to reduce the impact of fashion on the environment so we can all continue to enjoy shopping while striving towards a more sustainable and accessible future.

How'd we get there

How'd we get there

Mohamed Rizk (Egypt) and Frederik Granström (Sweden) created BRANTU when they saw the lack of inspiring online shopping platforms in Egypt compared to its market opportunities. They built an innovative and tech-driven fashion company, recruited the best talents in tech and fashion design, while harnessing the Egyptian manufacturing power because Egypt has a strong manufacturing power with a large market and close proximity to GCC & Europe.


After 2 years of R&D and a lot of experimentation, BRANTU team found the perfect recipe: creating a community of influencers & digital creators, and designing outfits based on their styles. With our unique concept, Brantu can design & sell online in real-time the trendiest styles from DC from all over the world, while DCs have a new platform to express their creativity & monetise their content. And when it comes to our customers, they can shop daily drops and 10,000+ styles from our coolest and most diverse clothing assortment. 


We are so proud of what we achieved, and we are only getting started!

Meet our Digital Creators


Are you creating gorgeous outfits on social media?


Our Digital Creators

The people of BRANTU

BRANTU Community

Our community is everything to us. 

Even though we are all scattered around the globe, we are more connected than ever and we all share the fashion inspo whether we live in Cairo, Stockholm, Paris, Dubai or Buenos Aires.


Our mission is to bring our DC styles to life and let our Brantu community shop and enjoy the coolest drops and fashion trends in real-time.

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